1st mobility

1st day

  • Welcoming by the headmaster, opening speech of the main coordinator - introduction of the project 
  • Guided tour of the school 
  • Presentations of the countries prepared, made and presented by the students CZ/SK/PRT 
  • Get-to-know games: important part of the kick off meeting which helped students to get to know each other, to get rid of the stress from unknown environment and enjoy the time 
  • Presentations of the schools prepared, made and presented by the students CZ/SK/PRT 
  • Welcoming at the town hall by the town Mayor, visit of the town observation tower 
  • Visit of the Hats Exhibition (typical art issue of Nový Jičín town) 

2nd and 3rd day

  • Workshops aimed to introduce and learn new graphic techniques: Digital font creation, Calligraphy, Print design of a mug.  
  • The students were divided into three mixed groups and each group was learning the new technique. The groups were changed after they finished their work. 
  • All work was monitored by our school IT students whose task has been to work on the video manual of one technique. 
  • During the workshops the teachers debates, discussed over the techniques, processes, exchanged their professional knowledge, compared the   educational systems and had time agree the project next schedule.

4th day 

  • Excursion to the only one manual paper mill in Europe: Manual Paper Mill in Velké Losiny.  
  • The participants could follow all the history of the process of producing paper from the deep history up to know. 
  • They got new experience about manual work and they will be able to use this knowledge at their final exams. 

5th day

  • Logo competition - each school brought one logo aimed to the project clause and commented its design - the Portuguese one won and became the logo of Grafein Education project. 
  • Digital font competition - because of the great work of students we decided to led this competition - the winning digital font won representative from the Slovak Republic 
  • Competition about EU knowledge - there was held electronic competition which should have supported students to deepen their knowledge about EU countries mainly CZ/SK/PRT 
  • Feedback of the students - each school gave their final speech about this mobility 
  • Final speech of the main coordinator - giving feedback of that week and following activities 

Involved schools

EDUCA-SOŠ Súkrumá škola uměleckého priemyslu Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis

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