2nd mobility

Olá! I would like to welcome you to this article about the second mobility which took place from 14th March 2022 to 18th March 2022 in Porto, Portugal. These days the host organization was Escola Artistica de Soares dos Reis. The week was full of gaining new friendships, experiences, and memories. So, we can have a look now the activities we experienced. Eight students and two teachers from each participated school. Plus more students from the host Portuguese school.

1st day

The first day of the mobility, Monday morning, was a little bit stressful for us. Students from the Czech and Slovak school went to school for the first time. And because the project was interrupted for nearly one and half year because of a pandemic of Covid-19, the Erasmus students haven't known each other. The morning program started by welcoming done by representatives of the host school. Then the main coordinator from the Czech Republic introduced the project, its focus and objectives. As the students haven't known each other, there were prepared cognitive activities for them which helped them to start new friendships.

After that there was a guided tour of the school. We could see all the classrooms and mainly the workshops where our next activities had been done.

In the afternoon we wen on a tour of the city and in addition, we fulfilled the assignment we were given, which was photographing Portuguese traditional tiles. We visited one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Lello Livraria (Bookstore). The library attracts many Harry Potter tourists because it was there that Rowling drew inspiration during the Writing of the first volume. It was a perfect day.

2nd day

The second working day the main coordinator introduced the project websites, which are made by Michal, one Czech IT student. After that we were editing photos of the tiles in Photoshop. Some of us worked in Photoshop for the first time, so we also learned something new.

3th day

The third day there was held and educational excursion to the Museum of Contemporary Art Serralves where was an exhibition by the famous painter Joan Miró. New graphics technique was introduced to us. After its introduction there was a small workshop where we could try to work and experience for us this unknown technique.

4th day

The fourth working day we were divided into two mixed groups and stared doing screen printing, book cover, and tote bag design in the host school workshops. It was exhausting, full of new experiences but what was amazing we could se the results of our works: printed t-shirts with photos of tiles we had taken and edited before.

5th day

The last day of our mobility we had finished our work, printed the last T-shirts and bags with Portuguese tile motives and made postcards. After all these activities we sat together and discussed about the week experiences. The students from each school gave their feedback and the host school representative and the main coordinator had their final speech.

Thank you to the host organization for preparing us such a beautiful and well-organized program.

Involved schools

EDUCA-SOŠ Súkrumá škola uměleckého priemyslu Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis

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